Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Garden Seeds - Ornamental Squash Recipes

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Give the 20" vines room to sprawl or train them up a large trellis, arbor, fence, or pergola.

When to plant outside: Spring, 2-4 weeks after average last frost and when soil temperatures have risen above 60 degrees.

When to start inside: Recommended only for short season climates, 3-4 weeks before last frost. Sow in individual pots for direct planting.

Special Germination Instructions: Seeding in to a black plastic mulch is highly recommended because it keeps down weeds, traps moisture, and warms the soil. Soak seeds in water for 12-24 hours before sowing.

Gourds/Squash are ready to harvest when the stems become dry.
Harvest them before the first frost.

For Food, pick when young and tender.
Blossoms are also edible, stuff and fry, use in soups.

Thai Crunchy Squash Blossoms
• 10 Squash Blossoms
• 1/3 cup All-purpose Flour
• ½ tsp Baking Powder
How to make Crunchy Squash Blossoms:
• Wash the squash blossoms gently in water.
• In a large bowl mix the all purpose flour and baking soda.
• dust the blossoms with this mixture.
• fry the blossoms till golden brown.
• Serve with rice and fish sauce or anything you like.

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