Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FREE $55. to spend at Listia

Baby Boy Easter Basket

Who would like to go on a little free shopping spree at Listia?
You can even choose items with free Shipping!
Listia is where I hold all my giveaways free.
help, I need one more friend to join to get my 600 credit bonus!
Hurry! Grab this offer while it lasts:
CLICK HERE for 550 free credit ($55. value)

I have been having so much fun at Listia!
I hold my giveaways there and I do give away lots of Freebies!
I can't stand waste.
Do you have closets full of good stuff that you would like to
trade for things you need?

List your items, free and mail them to the winner.
Take your credits and shop for Kids Clothes and Toys, Arts and Crafts supplies,
jewelry, video games, computers, phones.etc

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