Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Instant Win Sweeps - tips plus Win Back Family Night

One of the best ways to get great coupons is
Instant Win Sweeps. Often you get a coupon if you don't instantly win a prize!

Play Instant Win Sweeps on Holidays and late at night or
very early in the morning for the best chance of winning.
If an Instant Win Game calls for a code, Google the game
for codes. Often someone has posted them online.
Look for a high number of prizes; 20,000+
Good Luck!

Here is the list that I play every day:

VIVA Towels "Roll-A-Day" Giveaway (Facebook)
245 prizes exp 12/14/11

TIME WARNER "Connect, Relax, Win" Game
537 prizes exp 07/08/11

TRAVELSMITH "Taste for Travel" Sweepstakes
127 prizes exp 05/25/11

MIKE & IKE "Sweet Cause" Sweepstakes
1,031 prizes exp 09/30/11
UPC code:

SHAW FLOORS "Spring Is Green" Instant Win Game
1,826 prizes exp 06/05/11

14,005,500 prizes exp 06/05/11

CRYSTAL LIGHT "Flavor It Your Way" Game (Facebook)
42 prizes exp 05/28/11

BAND-AID & NEOSPORIN "Safe Kids Helmet Shuffle"
64 prizes exp 06/15/11

STARZ "Win Your Way to Camelot" (Facebook)
963 prizes exp 06/13/11

135 prizes exp 05/10/11

TIDE "HE - Haier" Instant Win Promotion
101 prizes exp 06/03/11

CENTRUM "Wii Fit Plus" Instant Win Game
1,485 prizes exp 06/12/11
Get a free code by clicking the "Rules" and "Free Code."

BLUE MOUNTAIN "Mom's the Word" Instant Win
124 prizes exp 05/10/11

800 prizes exp 06/30/11

TONY'S Pizza "More Summer More Memories" Game
650 prizes exp 12/31/11
Get a free code by email.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR "Jumping the Broom" Game
66 prizes exp 05/06/11

COCA-COLA Wendy's "Who's Naturally" (Code Req'd)
500,768 prizes exp 05/13/11
Get a free one-time use code on Facebook.

LINDT "Classic Recipe" Instant Win Game
154 prizes exp 08/31/11

ACURA Thor "Join Shield" Promotion
2,697 prizes exp 05/31/11

HERBAL ESSENCES "Lock In Your Look & Win"
293 prizes exp 06/30/11

WRIGLEY'S "Vive Tu Musica with 5" Instant Win
503 prizes exp 05/01/11

NESTLE Butterfinger "Gold Rush" Game (Facebook)
3,025 prizes exp 07/14/11

AMERICAN AIRLINES "Fortune Cookie" Instant Win
100,010 prizes exp 05/29/11

DOVE "Tournament to Comfort" Instant Win Game
384 prizes exp 06/20/11

CUB CADET "Learn. Choose. Play." Sweepstakes
1,051 prizes exp 06/24/11

AMPM "Night at the Movies" Instant Win Game
601 prizes exp 05/31/11

SCOTT Naturals "$10,000 Giveaway" (Facebook)
100 prizes exp 09/23/11

POWERSTEP "Live Life to the Max" Promotion
21 prizes exp 06/24/11

HBO "Win the Throne" Sweepstakes
62 prizes exp 06/20/11

SCOTT'S Miracle-Gro "Gro Your Own Sweepstakes"
631 prizes exp 07/01/11

VITAMINWATER "Revive Your Style" Instant Win Game
65 prizes exp 04/30/11

MET-RX "2011 Inner Warrior" Sweepstakes
4,126 prizes exp 05/31/11

DEMET'S TURTLES "Roll Out the Red Carpet' (Facebook)
2,024 prizes exp 06/30/11

CLOROX "Seasons of White" Spring Sweepstakes
92 prizes exp 06/30/11

TRAVEL CHANNEL "Winter/Summer" 2011 Sweepstakes
31 prizes exp 04/30/11

MAYBELLINE "Runway Beauty" Instant Win Game
103 prizes exp 04/30/11

GREEN MOUNTAIN "Choose It. Brew It. Win It."
2,274 prizes exp 05/31/11

LOWES "Build It" Mobile Sweepstakes
85 prizes exp 05/09/11

DOVE "VisibleCare Close-Up" Instant Win Game
1,000 prizes exp 09/30/11

AT&T "Trip of a Lifetime" Sweepstakes
209 prizes exp 06/30/11

DISNEY "Agents on a Mission" Sweepstakes
18,000 prizes exp 07/17/11

CLOROX "A for Appreciation" Giveaway
58 prizes exp 05/15/11

GLAD ForceFlex "Find It! Flex It! Fill It!" Game
360 prizes exp 05/25/11

CAMEL "Hump Day" Game (excl. MA, MI)
45,051 prizes exp 07/06/11

CANDYSTAND "Instant Win Wheel" Game
181 prizes exp 12/31/11

UNIVERSAL PICTURES "Fast Five" Sweepstakes
107 prizes exp 05/01/11

HERSHEY'S KISSES "Family Game Night"
2,161 prizes exp 06/15/11

KITKAT "Break Time, Anytime" Game
6,584 prizes exp 06/14/11

PINE-SOL "Scent Away" Sweepstakes
71 prizes exp 05/23/11

FRUIT2O "What's Your Flavor" Game (Facebook)
200 prizes exp 09/06/11

SKINNY COW "Perfect Cup" Sweepstakes
7,515 prizes exp 06/30/11

OLIVE GARDEN "Tour of Italy" Sweepstakes
660 prizes exp 05/09/11

JOHNSON'S Baby Oil "Baby Your Skin" (Facebook)
113 prizes exp 04/30/11

ALLRECIPES.com "Menu Planner & Trivia" Sweepstakes
61 prizes exp 05/01/11

PENNZOIL "Shift to Clean" 2011 Sweepstakes
1,005,485 prizes exp 04/30/11
One entry only.

KOOL-AID "Win Back Family Night" Game (Facebook)
576 prizes exp 06/17/11

GHIRARDELLI "My Pleasure Squared" Sweepstakes
2,003 prizes exp 09/30/11

SCOTTS "Snap Perks 2.0" Instant Win Game
1,154 prizes exp 06/30/11

BUD LIGHT "March to..." (Facebook) (excl. CA, TX)
70 prizes exp 04/30/11
Get a free code.

NATIONWIDE "Code Spotter 2011" (excl. NH, D.C.)
297 prizes exp 11/21/11

THEGIVEAWAY.COM "New Winner Every Few Hours"
New prize every few hours. exp: Ongoing

MS OFFICE 2010 "Evergreen" Game (Facebook)
460 prizes exp 12/14/11

AMERICAN FAMILY "Daily Bingo" Game
1,652 prizes exp 06/30/11

SUPER 8 "Brake 4 Super 8" Instant Win Game
1,009 prizes exp 11/20/11

AARP "Drive to End Hunger" Sweepstakes
301 prizes exp 11/20/11

LINDT "Excellence" Instant Win Game & Sweeps
168 prizes exp 07/31/11

TOTINO'S "Get Behind the Wheel" Sweepstakes
326 prizes exp 05/31/11

FRESH STEP "Secret Word" Instant Win Game
404 prizes exp 05/31/11

SCHICK Rock Band "Play it Smooth" Game
425 prizes exp 07/31/11

SIMPLY ASIA "Lucky for You" Game (Facebook)
601 prizes exp 04/30/11

PEPSI "Max Vend and Win" Instant Win Game
20,000 prizes exp 06/30/11

WEDDINGCHANNEL.com "The Dream Shopping Spree"
201 prizes exp 12/31/11

KRAFT LUNCHABLES "Ultimate Field Trip" (Ages:6-13)
110 prizes exp 09/30/11

AT&T $10,000,000 "American Idol" Sweepstakes
101 prizes exp 05/13/11

PHONEDOG's "One Paw Bandit" Instant Win
win phones exp 12/31/11

HOUSEPARTY "Invitation to Win" Sweepstakes
74 prizes exp 12/31/11

LOREAL PARIS "Gold Rewards" Instant Win Game
182 prizes exp 06/30/11

TGI FRIDAY'S "Restaurant Survey Giveaway 2011"
596 prizes exp 12/31/11

FOX's $1,000,000 "A Year of a Million Moments"
1 prize exp 12/31/11

JELLY BELLY "Cupcake Challenge" Instant Win Game
1,940 prizes exp 07/31/11

RAM Country Sweepstakes
1,009 prizes exp 11/10/11

KELLOGG'S "Rice Krispies Treats Vending" Game
1,000 prizes exp 05/31/11

SUE BEE "Trust the Taste of Honey" (Code Req'd)
30 prizes exp 09/30/11

LITTLE DEBBIE "Million Smile Mission" (Facebook)
651 prizes exp 06/30/11

MIKE AND IKE Candies "Take a Spin"
500 prizes each month exp: Ongoing

LOACKER "Win Every Hour" Sweeps (10am-10pm EST)
4,012 prizes exp 04/30/11

JACK'S LINKS "Wild Side Man Cave" Sweepstakes
2,571 prizes exp 04/30/11

NESTLE "Share the Joy of Reading" Instant Win Game
100,019 prizes exp 12/29/11
Get a free instant win game code emailed to you.

GOLD'S GYM "Celebrate Our Strength" Game
2,012 prizes exp 07/22/11

3,000 prizes exp 06/28/11

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