Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your Quick Vote Could Help A Special Needs Girl

Thanks to All of You that voted!
Winner Selection Process starts on April 25, 2011 @ 12:00 am (PDT) Winner Selection Process ends on April 27, 2011 @ 11:59 pm (PDT) Winners announced in 3 days! cross your fingers!

"Ecofriendly hardwood floors are my dream for my special needs child! She spends a lot of time on the floor or in her wheelchair, what we have now impedes her mobility and doesn’t allow her a lot of freedom. I injured my back a few years ago, lifting her from the tub. I’m no longer able to provide that part of her care since her bathroom isn’t assessable she isn’t able to have the privacy she needs when caregivers are there to attend to her. Winning would make getting it right so much easier!"

I know you all want to help so CLICK HERE for a quick vote!

From Carmen:
"Hey friends, I'm begging for votes again but this time it's huge!

It's for a big home makeover from ecomom.

Like my entry says I would love all wood floors for little girl to get around the house in her wheelchair...that and it helps with the funk factor.

I'm also hoping that as part of the deal they'd do something with her bathroom. Since my back surgery I can't bath her alone and have an aide that comes in to do it, if she no shows we're kinda up stink ally.....a bath with mods would make it possible for me to do it alone again.."

So long story short I need votes...you can vote everyday until April 25th, you gotta like the page and like my entry this is the link to it http://apps.facebook.com/ecomomcontest/contests/107279/voteable_entries/18684611?ogn=facebook

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Closer to Lucy said...

Omgoodness...Thank you so much, what a priceless gesture, I'm overwhelmed and so touch that you would take time to do this.

THank you a thousand times.