Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Book - Let Go and Let God

Take the time to go inward during this spiritual Lenten season of reflection and transformation. Surrender to the wisdom inside you as we anticipate Easter, the season of rebirth and renewal.

To help you observe Lent in a meaningful and positive way, Unity has created a new booklet: Let Go and Let God. Embrace uplifting, empowering thoughts that can change your life!

(Please note: Printed copies are now out of stock; however, the booklet is available as a PDF download.)

Let Go and Let God: Lent 2011 Download Your Booklet Now

Your copy of Let Go and Let God contains:

• Daily meditation readings and Scripture passages.
• Weekly journaling space.
• An excerpt from Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore's meditations
on Lent.
• Inspirational poetry.
• Wisdom and practical suggestions from respected Unity leaders.

See inside Let Go and Let God.

Welcome Lent as a meditative time to consciously release what no longer serves you and claim your own healing and wholeness.


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