Thursday, May 19, 2011

Save and Earn Shopping with Bing!

Thank you to BING for sponsoring my writing today. To learn more about BING Shopping Rewards, click here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Online shopping is the biggest help to my budget! I live in a rural
town, off the postal mail grid. With the current price of gas,
any shopping trip cost at least $25. in gasoline.
It would cost much more if I had to drive around bargain shopping.

Luckily I can find anything I need online by searching in Bing Shopping!
After I locate the item that I need, I search again for online coupons and
promo codes to apply to my purchase. Some codes even cover free shipping.

I have purchased all my large appliances this way.

Another tip is to add the word "refurbished" to your Bing shopping search.
You can find GREAT deals on computers and electronics this way.
Look at this deal I found on Bing:
Found on Bing Shopping: (search terms: refurbished laptop)
(Retail price: $699.00)
You save: 57%

Oh and the news gets better! Bing has a rewards program!
About the Bing Rewards Preview Program: Shopping on a Search Engine’s Dime

Remember those old cartoons that depicted a character facing a dilemma with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? If you enjoy shopping, here’s how the dialogue goes for you: One tells us to spend less, save more; the other beckons us with promises of sales and free shipping. Of course, if you had a gift card to your favorite retailer, you could shut both voices up and shop guilt free, right?

The Bing Rewards Preview program gives you shopping free will by allowing you to earn credits for searching and exploring various features of Bing. Once credits begin to add up, you can go ahead and redeem them toward gift cards, buy merchandise, even give to charity.

There are two easy ways to start earning and tracking your credits:

Go the Bing Bar route. Just install the Bing Bar toolbar onto your browser and register, and you can watch the Rewards credit counter climb.
Head to on the Web. Just complete the registration form and track your progress by checking the Rewards credit counter located on the top right of the header.

And, upon signing up, you’ll automatically start with 250 credits.

Once you’ve accumulated a fair number of credits (to give you an idea, 1338 credits can get you a $10 Starbucks gift card!), head to the Redemption Center and start shopping. Beyond getting your caffeine fix, you can fuel your makeup obsession with a Sephora giftcard, and not feel bad about splurging on that pricey mascara you’ve been wanting. Or, you may choose to buy just about anything you want by choosing an giftcard. You can also cash in your credits for specific products like the Scrabble board game, a DVD player, and more.
Learn how to hit the virtual shopping aisles at

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