Sunday, February 13, 2011

Does He Love Me? How to tell

Dead Giveaways - Does He Love You?

He Loves You When:

*He takes an interest in everyday
matters like your work schedule.

* He keeps track of your habits, remembers whatever you do and say.

* He wants to spend more time with you, takes you out in public,
shows an interest in your favorite pastimes.

* When he calls for no reason. Means he will find
any reason to talk to you.

*He takes time from his busy schedule for you.

* He keeps looking at you when you are around
and suddenly takes off his eyes when you look at him.

*He tries to keep you in his line of sight and points
his toes or full body toward you.

* His smile shows teeth,
a real smile that doesn't fade.
Is he always smiling around you?

*He praises you to his friends, family and others this means
he truly loves you.

* You can see it in His eyes. The person in love with you has special shine
in his eyes when he's talking to you. (and his pupils will be larger)

Let him fall in love with you:
If he is already showing signs of interest, let him gaze into
your eyes while he tells you about himself. This will release
Love hormones and he will feel that giddy "falling in love" sensation.

Listen to what he tells you.
If he is interested he will lay out his cards, telling you what
he has to offer and what his faults are.

Even woman beaters will reveal this
early in your first conversations, LISTEN.
No matter how attractive he is,
do not ignore any warning signs or
red flags that pop up in these first conversations.

If you are still interested, hand him a Cherry Mocktail,
lean toward him, look into his eyes

and get him talking about himself.
This is THE MOMENT that guys fall in Love.

I've been happily married for years. I let him fall in Love with me again
on a regular basis! LOL


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