Monday, January 31, 2011

Frugal Tip - Best Free Online TV and Movies Guide

Mom's everywhere do the best they can to juggle the household budget.
Here are my thoughts on improving your TV viewing experience
and lowering your entertainment costs.

Be honest, how much do you spend each month on Cable? $40, $65, $125, more?
On Movies? Are you renting and/or buying movies? This can really add up unless you
you use free RedBox Codes:

What if you, gulp, turned off the cable and saved that money.
In six months or less you could save enough money
to pay cash for a new 50 inch Flat Screen TV.
Walmart has them for $648.
Our local Pawn Shop has them for $500.

How can you watch TV if you turn off the cable?
Free online of course!
All the Channels you watch online now
provide free online TV!
(no crap to download - watch em' free online!)

Best Free TV:
DIY - Do It Yourself Network

Why would you buy a BIG TV if you are watching TV online?
Your computer plugs right in to your new Flat Screen.
It works on all newer TVs any size.
Now you are watching all your favorite TV shows on a TV
hooked to a computer
and it cost you $0. per month!

You already have internet service and there is no extra cost
to watch TV online.
All your Favorite networks offer free TV!

How do I find my favorite shows to watch?
Use Google Search, type in the name of your show and
the words Full Episodes.

How can I find free movies to watch online? has 40+ pages of free movies to watch.
SyFy Rewind
Showtime has some freebies
LifeTime Movies is great.
NEW movies tip:
to watch a newer movie free, go to
or (in Google Search)
type in and the name of the movie

Earn free TV with Hulu Plus -
After turning off the cable, saving up for a big TV,
my family decided to try Hulu Plus.
It's cheaper than cable at $7.99 per month.
There is also a way to earn free Hulu Plus
by telling your pals, if they try it you both get 2 weeks free.
Here is my link to share two free weeks:
Sign up & get 2 weeks free!

For those who can't afford Hulu Plus, the free Hulu is awesome!

Full Episodes

Miss a Show? Watch Your DIY Network Favorites Here.

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Money Saving Momma said...

Hi!! I found your blog on the Money Savings Monday hop...I'm iced in, in St. Louis and it's gonna be a long night, I love your tv tip, I JUST posted about downsizing service fees and utilities, I kept Dish network but got it down to $14.99/mo. Your FREE tv is better! Thanks for posting! I would love for you to check Money Saving Momma blog out at:

Happy to meet you and have a blessed night!