Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats on TV Today? free online full episodes at FOX online

Tips for viewing TV online:
1. Use your monitor cord to attach your computer
to a newer TV (flat screen)
2. Each TV Show will have controls on the bottom of the episode
or video. Use the controls to stop and start the video, to adjust the volume
and to watch the show or movie in full screen which looks just like
watching regular TV and cost a big fat zero dollars.
3. Turn off or lower your cable bills.
Take the savings and buy a newer flat screen TV.
4. Attach your computer, now you are watching beautiful HD TV free!
Note* you can also attach Wii, Xbox, Playstations and play games
using your TV as a monitor.

How I got my TV. After a Cable fast, I saved enough to buy Christmas.
My family decided to use our Christmas money to get set up to watch
free online TV which would save us money in the long run.
Online, I found the perfect dream TV, a 50 inch Flat Screen in stock
an hour away in Fargo. It was priced at $648.
After the journey through drizzling sleet, we were told at Wal Mart
that they did not have any in stock. They only had the next bigger size
regular price $998. and we could have one for the same price as the 50 inch.
The TV we got was so big it required an industrial looking cart to transport
it to the car. Upon arriving at the car we realized
that it would not fit into the back seat of our 4 door.
We had to strap it on to the top of the trunk and bring it home
Beverly Hill-Billies style.
People here spend winters indoors. Electronics, TV, computer, video games
help keep away the "Prairie Madness". All of them can be used on this new TV.
The best thing about the TV is how much moolah we save each month
by being able to watch TV free online.
For those of you making the change to online TV,
I will update with a post "What's on TV?"
to help you find the best online shows.

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