Saturday, March 5, 2011

Biggest Clever Girls Party EVER!

It's Official: Biggest Clever Girls Party EVER!

Dear Clever Rock Stars,

You know you’re awesome, we know you’re awesome. That’s why we decided it’s time we all got together to celebrate like rock stars. ROCK STARS!

We're talking rooftop party, poolside. We're talking champagne, DJs, dancefloors. We're talking THE PARTY to see and be seen. In San Diego, August 4th, the night before BlogHer begins.

This is kind of a big deal. Which is why we're letting you know about it early.

It's called, "I'm With The Brand."

It's going to be BIG. And AWESOME. And it's going to SELL OUT.

Why? Because we know what you want. You want to be treated like the VIP you are. (And we? Know how to throw a party.)

So here’s the deal:

- This event is only open to members of the Clever Girls network and your guests

- Our event is fun and glittery and glitzy and TOTALLY FREE (right down to poolside cocktails, because that's how rock stars do it)

- Fancy dress and high-heels aren't required, but boas, wigs and all manner of bling? Highly encouraged

- Most importantly: this event is about YOU. We are offering you VIP access to amazing brands who are sending reps to meet with you.

That's right. We're giving the brands we know and love – the ones who are looking to establish relationships with Clever bloggers – an opportunity to talk with you. Beyond swag and freebies, this is about giving you direct access to brand representatives. You're VIPs and they can't wait to meet you.

Isn’t this how deals are made in Hollywood? Kinda like you’re on Top Model, and we’re hosting the cocktail party where you get to meet agency reps looking for new talent? (And yes, this sort of makes us Tyra Banks. We're cool with that.)

So sign your fancy self up, and bring your rock star friends along. You MUST REGISTER to get your tickets, because only folks on our sparkly list will be admitted to this Industry Event.

Epiphanie Bags: The Prettiest Camera Bag Giveaway In The Whole Wide World!

Do you take pictures? Do you like pretty bags? Then hurry up and enter our Epiphanie Camera Bag giveaway!

Epiphanie Bags are amazing. Fab colors, protectively squishy insides, and enough room for your camera with a lens, two or three extra lenses, your wallet, smartphone, lip gloss — and in the case of the Clover and Paris styles, up to a 15″ Macbook Pro.

Check out all of the gorgeous styles on the Epiphanie site. We love this blogger-friendly brand, and we’re sure you will, too!

Giveaway ends March 17, 2011.

Join us for the "What's On Your Bucket List?" Twitter Party!

We love making lists. And we love adventures. Got a list of adventures with a deadline, a.k.a your Bucket List? Double L-O-V-E!

Most of all, we love talking about it! Whether it's 100 places to visit, or 30 things to do before turning 30 -- or 82 by turning 82! -- we think it’s Clever to dream big, set goals and tell everyone all about it.

Do you have a list of things you want to try? Join us for a 60 minute #CleverBucket Twitter Party to chat about these Bucket Lists, and give each other encouragement and inspiration.

When: Tuesday, March 8th at 3pm ET/noon PT

This Twitter Party is sponsored by Procter & Gamble and Kroger's, with lots of fabulous gift card and gift pack prizes.

RSVP to be eligible to win

Hispanicize Is Right Around The Corner (And We Have An Extra Ticket)

Hispanicize 2011 is the first national conference to bring together major Latina and Latino bloggers, featuring 30 professional development sessions with more than 70 speakers and panelists. The conference takes place April 6-8 at the ultra-stylish Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa in Hollywood, CA. Fancy!

Clever Girls and Hispanicize are giving away three all-access conference passes exclusively to the Clever Girls Network. This includes all workshops, receptions, meals and off-site events (conference pass only, travel and hotel accommodations not included).

Interested? Please send an email to telling us a little more about your blog and why you want to attend! See you in Hollywood, dahhhling!

Blog Conference Sponsorships

We have made our decisions. And boy, were they tough. Those who have been selected for sponsorship are being notified this week (by today, in fact). We'll share more information with you after we've notified everyone.

Cleverly yours,
Cat, Kristy, Sheila & Stefania
Clever Girls Collective, Inc.

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