Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free Seeds For Your Garden, free shipping

Take these 550 free credits. You get them instantly when
you join our free community of freebie swappers. (FUN)
Trade them for the free seeds and bulbs that you want:

The purple number under each photo is the current bid.
With 550 free credits, you could possibly win the bid on all these below!

Here are some that you can win, check out the low bids.
remember you are just bidding with the free credits I gave you. it's 100% free.
Free Shipping
CLASPING CONEFLOWER Rudbeckia amplexicaulis Description: annual, 18-30 inches tall; produces abundance of flowers with dark cones and re...
18h 19m 8s
Free Shipping
Lemon Balm has a four-angled stem that supports 1-3 inch toothed, ovate leaves. Insignificant pale yellow flowers are produced in summer....
2d 16h 47m 45s
Free Shipping
CHINESE HOUSES Collinsia heterophylla This California native is rare but easy to grow and quite showy. In spring and early summer it pr...
2d 16h 51m 35s
Free Shipping
Tidy tips are hardy annual wildflowers that are draught resistant. Yellow flowers fringed with white tips are perched atop elongated stem...
2d 16h 53m 53s
Free Shipping
Waterleaf family Hydrophyllaceae Nem-off'i-la. A North American genus comprising 11 species of annual herbs, only a few of garden intere...
2d 17h 53s

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