Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Stuff, 3/22/2011

The town I live in is surrounded by fields of Sunflowers! Sheldon,ND

  • Deep Earth Academy--Free Posters, Pencils, Tape Measure, Bookmarks
  • Red Gold Tomatoes--Free Adjustable Apron from Red Gold Tomatoes
  • MiraLAX--Free samples of MiraLAX Laxative and Money Saving Coupon
  • Bring Back Zack--Free "Bring Back Zack" Campaign Button and Sticker
  • Qué Rica Vida--Suscríbete Ahora y Disfruta de Beneficios Exclusivos!
  • Duraco Express--Free Foam Tape, Glue Dots, Magnetic Tape samples
  • Coupons--Free Printable Coupons on Major Brands from Coupons.com
  • Coupons--Free Pledge Coupons and Special Offers from SC Johnson
  • Coupons--Free Skillet Queso and Chips at Chili's - Printable Coupon
  • Coupons--Free $5 in Coupons and Special Offers from Kellogg's Cereal
  • Coupons--Free $1 Off Coupon for Robitussin Cough and Cold Products
  • eBates--Free Membership - Free Coupons and Rebates - Free Gift Card
  • BioClassroom--Free A&E Television Network's "Idea Book for Educators"
  • Craftsman Tools--Free $5 Tools Cash on Craftsman Tools from Sears
  • Dollar Surveys--Free Paid Surveys - The Quickest Way to Earn a Buck
  • NCP--Free Sign-Up - Paid Surveys & Prizes from National Consumer Panel
  • Purex Complete with Zout--Free sample of Purex Complete with Zout
  • Bisnar and Chase, Attorneys--Free Car Glove Box Accident Kit ( CA only )
  • Victor Alexander--Free "Axikit" Glove Box Accident Report Kit ( GA only )
  • Goldenfarb P.A.--Free Car Insurance and Registration Holder ( FL only )
  • A. Bailey Plumbing--Free Toilet Leak Detection Kit ( select NJ Counties )
  • Right@Home--Free Windex Premium Kitchen Microfiber Cloths by Libman
  • PowerBar--Free sample of PowerBar Protein Plus Bites Nutitional Snack
  • QuestBars--Free samples of All-Natural Low-Carb Protein QuestBars
  • Muscle Gel--Free sample of Muscle Gel - 22 Grams of Protein on the Go!
  • Freeflys--Free sample of 7-Day Lancome Genifique from Freeflys
  • Freeflys--Free Midnight Dazzler from Haagen-Dazs from Freeflys
  • Vocalpoint--Free Pint of Breve Crème Creamer to Vocalpoint Members
  • Vocalpoint--Free Frosted Mini Wheats with Fruit to Vocalpoint Members
  • Vocalpoint--Free Puffs Plus Tissues To-Go Pack to Vocalpoint Members
  • Mr. Food--Free "Let's Get Grilling" eCookbook - Over 36 pages of Recipes
  • Cash for Gold USA--Free FedEx Mailer - Get Cash for Gold in 24 Hours
  • Google--Free "The Google Story" Book Summary - The Inside Scoop
  • Google--Free "The Ultimate Guide to Gmail" Guidebook from Google
  • Buttons--Free "Forever Marshall Field's and Chicago" Campaign Buttons
  • Kingo Lotto--Free Online Lottery Game - Win a $1,500 Gift Voucher
  • Real Gains--Free sample of Real Gains Protein Powder from Universal
  • Remedy Life--Free Subscription to "Remedy Life" Magazine and Samples
  • Quality Health--Free Samples and Free Health Offers from Quality Health
  • Arthritis Connect--Free Guide to "Understanding and Managing Arthritis"
  • Marlboro--Free Bandana or Belt Buckle for Playing Ropeslinger Game
  • ThermoSpas--Free ThermoSpas DVD Info Kit with $1,000 Value Coupon
  • Slimple--Free 4-Day sample of Slimple for Energy and Appetite Control
  • MCC--Free AIDS Action and FoodBasket Stickers, Storybooks, Fun Pages
  • iTunes--Free 23 Song Download from iTunes and Urban Outfitters
  • Diabetics--Free Everyday Wisdom Kit for Kids with Diabetes from ADA
  • NRA--Free Freedom Associate Membership and Membership Card
  • NRA--Free One Year Membership in NRA to Active Duty Armed Forces
  • NRA--Free Copy of NRA's: Essential Second Amendment Guide
  • Movie Tickets--Free Tickets to Screenings of "The Music Never Stopped"
  • KC Royals--Free 2011 Kansas City Royals Pocket Baseball Schedule
  • LA Dodgers--Free 2011 Los Angeles Dodgers Pocket Baseball Schedule
  • TaylorMade Golf Club--Free TaylorMade Golf Burner 2.0 6-Iron Golf Club
  • Education--Free Entry - Win a $50,000 College Scholarship or Cash !
  • Kimberly-Clark--Free Disney Child's Face Mask from Kimberly-Clark
  • Direct Buy--Free Mystery Key to Enter to Win a $50,000 Home Makeover
  • Flood Insurance--Free National Flood Insurance Program Information
  • NRCS--Free Publications, DVDs, Posters and Brochures from the NRCS
  • 3D Glasses--Free Break 3D Glasses - Be the First to Experience Break 3D
  • PCH--Free Entry - Win $5,000 a Week for Life! - No Purchase is Required
  • Build a PC--Free "The Idiot's Ultimate Guide to Build Your Own PC"
  • Snag A Job--Free Job Search - The #1 Source for Hourly Employment
  • Febreze--Free Febreze NOTICEables Oil Warmer after Mail-In Rebate
  • Netgear Router--Free Netgear WNR3500L High-Speed Wireless Router
  • Nintendo--Free Nintendo Wii Remote Jacket Accessory for the Wii Remote
  • Glad--Free Glad ForceFlex Bags to Volunteers in Clean-Up Groups
  • Glad--Free Glad ForceFlex Trash Bag sample to Sam's Club Members

  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Business" Magazines of Your Choice
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Food & Wine" Magazine from Pepcid
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Golf World" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Living the Country Life" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Maxim" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Nature Methods" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Newsweek" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Parents" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "PC World" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Petfood Industry" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Playboy" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Renewable Energy Focus" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Runway" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Salt Water Sportsman" Magazine
  • Magazine--Free Subscription to "Woman's Day" Magazine


April said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marcy said...

The sunflowers are so beautiful! They were my wedding flowers! Thanks for all the hookups!

Marcy @ Life's Gristle

Siv Maria said...

Returning the blog love:) thanks for all the tips on free stuff, don't think most of it applies over here though.

Pam said...

Wow! That is a ton of free stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. Those recipes look good too.
I'm returning your follow from The Thrifty Things. Thanks so much for tweeting about and listing my contests.
I look forward to reading more of your blog. :)

Unknown said...

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Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I hope to see you earning points soon!