Friday, April 1, 2011

Watch Lifetime Original Movies and LMN Originals online free

You can watch LMN Movies right on my blog!
Look up at the white menu and watch them there.

Watch Lifetime Original Movies and LMN Originals online now for free. Come back each week for your favorite full movies like The Pregnancy Pact, Prayers for Bobby, Coco Chanel and Lifetime Classics from Nora Roberts!

  • Confessions of an American Bride
    Available until 05/01/2011
    Watch the full movie "Confessions of an American Bride," starring Shannon Elizabeth and Eddie McClintock. When Samantha and Ben decide to wed, they quickly discover that fairy-tale weddings are a fantasy.
  • To Have and to Hold
    Available until 04/26/2011
    Watch the full movie "To Have and to Hold," starring Justine Bateman and Sebastian Spence. When Tom ends his scandalous affair with bad girl, Lisa, her plans for revenge spiral out of control.
  • Available until 04/12/2011
    Watch the full LMN Original movie "Bringing Ashley Home," starring A.J. Cook and Jennifer Morrison. After years of searching for her troubled sister, Ashley, Libba Phillips creates an organization called "Outpost for Hope" to help locate missing adults.
  • Available until 04/21/2011
    Watch the full movie "Intimate Stranger," starring Kari Matchett and Peter Outerbridge. Inspired by a true story, it's a chilling tale of obsession and one woman's refusal to succumb to the aggressions of a disturbed man who wouldn't take no for an answer.
  • Available until 04/16/2011
    Watch the full movie "False Pretenses." Diane is obsessed with getting even with the con man who ruined her life. This criminal swindled her out of all her cash, and as a result, Diane's husband committed suicide. Now she is dead-set on revenge.
  • Lies My Mother Told Me
    Available until 04/11/2011
    Watch the full movie "Lies My Mother Told Me." A sexy con woman takes her daughter along as she runs from the law, scamming everyone she meets.

  • Available until 02/28/2012
    Watch the full documentary "Beyond the Headlines: Amanda Knox." The documentary includes interviews with Amanda’s mother, father, friends, investigators, prosecutors and legal scholars who take viewers inside the Italian justice system.


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