Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Learning to Read with Learning Disabilities

I have a child with "Learning Disabilities". I was told he would never read.
Boy were they wrong!

Many of you are home school teachers and I'm sure you face the same challenges.

I used a simple trick to teach my son to read. Comics!

My parents frowned on Madd Magazine as too racy for a child....so I
subscribed and saw that he was determined to read that "racy" magazine.

Marvel and DC Comics did the rest. He couldn't put them down!
To this day, he is an avid collector (and reader).

Comic books opened the door for him and now he can read anything.

If you are frustrated by your child's reading progress, remember to use
"The Power of Comics".

For those on a budget, you can get free comics here:
Listia - you get free credits at sign up, then you can auction off coupons, etc
for more credits. I have received 50 freebies there, lately lots of Comics!
smokeyxztx gives away lots of comics on Listia!

Free coloring books and comics here:
  • Kids--Free National Eye Institute Activity Books and Poster
  • Kids--Free Publications and "Buddy Brush" Coloring Book
  • Kids--Free "Kid's Helping Animals" Magazine, Comics, Stickers
  • Kids--Free "Teach Kind" DVDs, Comics, Stickers, Posters, Books
  • Kids--Free Magnifying Glass Keychain, Coloring Posters, Bookmark
  • Kids--Free "Energy Bears" Coloring Book from Maravilla Foundation
  • Kids--Free "WiggleWorks" Software Demo CD from Scholastic
  • Kids--Free "Get to Know Germany" Coloring Book and More
  • Kids--Free "Toby the Train" Coloring Book from Norfolk Southern
  • Kids--Free "The Get Going Gang" Coloring Book about Epilepsy
  • Kids--Free "J. Slice Watermelon" Coloring Books ( 2 )
  • Kids--Free "SunWise" Posters, Activity Books and Publications
  • Kids--Free Safety Rangers Trading Cards ( ComEd and PECO area )
  • Kids--Free "Sprinklerman" Coloring Book from USA Sprinkler Fitters
  • Kids--Free "Planet Protectors Club Kit" - Member Card, Activity Books
  • Kids--Free "Dr. Seuss" Lorax Activity Book and More
  • Kids--Free Space Camp CD and Poster from SpaceCamp.com
  • Kids--Free "Louie the Lightning Bug" Safety Booklet
  • Kids--Free "Wild About Healthy Vision" Activity Books ( ages 9-12 )
  • Kids--Free Comic Books from the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Kids--Free "The Adventures of Julia and Robbie" from FEMA

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

I think comics are great!!! In my children's literature class we read a book about comics and how they can be used in the classroom. They can teach a lot!!