Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home School Freebies - Free Stuff for Teachers

These freebies don't last long.
If you find a dead link, it's already expired.
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  • NCADI--Free Substance Abuse Prevention Posters, Products, Booklets, More
  • USFA--Free Fire Safety Posters, Reports and Publications from USFA
  • NHTSA--Free National Highway Traffic Safety Materials and Resources Catalog
  • CDC--Free Posters, Stickers, Videos, Magazines, Fact Sheets, Booklets, Videos

  • Teachers--Free "Beyond the Solar System" Magazine for Teachers
  • Teachers--Free HALO Safe Sleep Resource Kit for Educators
  • Teachers--Free 2009-2010 School Wellness Activation Kit
  • Teachers--Free Software Demo CD from Zip Zoom English
  • Teachers--Free Tiger Woods Action Plan for Teachers
  • Teachers--Free Teaching Kit "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep"
  • Teachers--Free DVD Every Year You Teach from
  • Teachers--Free Rescue Recess Kit
  • Teachers--Free Planner and Folder samples from School Mate
  • Teachers--Free sample of "Crayola" Overwriters (Educators only)
  • Teachers--Free "Arthur" the Aardvark Teaching Guides from PBS (mail-in)
  • Teachers--Free "The Gold Peanut" Guide and "The Gold Peanut" Comic Books
  • Teachers--Free "Natural Gas" Educational Materials (grades K-12)
  • Teachers--Free Handy Dandy Pocket Field Guide to Homeschooling
  • Teachers--Free Stop Lock sample and Product Catalog (to School Officials only)
  • Teachers--Free "Calendars for Kids" Recycling Program for Teachers from eCals
  • Teachers--Free Educational Materials, Videos and Posters from the CCC
  • Teachers--Free "Wall Street Journal" Classroom Edition and Teachers Guide
  • Teachers--Free Classroom Teaching Materials from History Channel
  • Teachers--Free Fun Felt Educational samples - For Kids, Parents & Teachers
  • Teachers--Free "Turn It In" Service Detects Plagiarism in Student Papers
  • Teachers--Free Teachers Kit - Bookcovers, Cards, Posters
  • Teachers--Free US Postal Service Curriculum Kits and Guides
  • Teachers--Free "Save the Manatee" Materials for Teachers and Students
  • Teachers--Free "Scientific American Frontiers" Teaching Guides
  • Teachers--Free "State Farm" Kits and Programs for Teachers and Schools
  • Teachers--Free "At Home in America" and "Textbook News" Newspapers
  • Teachers--Free US DOE Teaching Publications, Products, Resources, News
  • Teachers--Free "Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition" and Teacher Guide
  • Teachers--Free "Pear Bear" Education Kit from USA Pears
  • Teachers--Free K-12 Educational Resource Materials
  • Teachers--Free "Sea Turtle Migration Tracking" Educator's Guide
  • Teachers--Free Teaching Kits, Videos, Magazine and Posters
  • Teachers--Free Text Book Covers, Folders and Handbooks from PT Quigley

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