Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Indoor Blooms - free bulb catalog

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Winter is no reason for a gardener to be deprived of living blooms. And making sure you have flowers to brighten the season means getting started now.

The easiest bulbs to force are paperwhites because they don't require chilling.

Paperwhites are potted in shallow containers of gravel or marbles. Place bulbs on a layer of gravel and carefully fill in enough gravel to hold bulbs, but not cover them. A crowded grouping will be the most attractive.

Add water to the container. It should reach the base of the bulbs, but not touch the bulbs. Place container in a sunny spot, step back and watch 'em grow! You'll see roots in a day or so, and in three to five weeks you'll have gorgeous flowers.

Other commonly forced bulb flowers are amaryllis, muscari and hyacinths.

Thrifty Tip: Fruit jars or babyfood jars half filled with marbles or pebbles
will make great containers to force bulbs.

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