Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Teacher's Guides and Kits, Home School,too

Many of these freebies are open to parents!

Mars Millennium Project
Download the free teacher's guide and lesson plan while you read about this exciting project.

Ayn Rand Institute
Receive a
free kit containing three contest flyers and a Teachers Guide to Anthem and The Fountainhead.

George Washington: A National Treasure
Free education kit including a "museum-quality" poster.

Evolution Teacher's Guide
From PBS.

Human Rights and Refugees
A teacher's guide from the UNHCR.

Water Conservation
Free conservation publications and materials.

Word Web Vocabulary
Free teacher's guide.

Discovery Education
Many free classroom resources.

Gene Gateway Workbook
Get this and other materials from the Human genome Project.

The Oregon Trail
Free online teacher's guide.

Gail Gibbons
Free teachers guides for using her books.

Live Tobacco Free
Free teacher's guide from the American Heart Association.

Native American Quilting Curriculum

From Conexus, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Available for free download. See their other free print resources.

Free from Orkin
Download a free Insect Safari Guide Book or games and coloring pages.

Educational Materials from the USGS
Get teaching packets and other free stuff.

More than Skin Deep
A teacher's guide to caves from the National Park Service.'s Resource for Educators
Free drug education resources.

World Wildlife Federation
Activity packs and teacher tools. See also their free high school climate curriculum resources.

National Peace Essay Guide Book (2009-2010)
From the United States Institute of Peace. Download or request a copy by mail of this guide which contains all lesson plans, handouts, and instructions for this essay contest.
FORVM Ancient Coins
FORVM gives free uncleaned ancient coins to teachers in the U.S. (grades 5 and up) with a specific lesson plan related to ancient Rome or the Byzantine Empire.

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