Thursday, February 24, 2011 - join a global movement to fight against hunger

Rather than forward this email to all of you,
I'm posting an excerpt here.

You may have seen it in the news. Global food prices are rising fast.

This could spell disaster for poor families who have to spend 80% of their monthly income on food. WFP is working hard to protect them, especially women and children who are the most vulnerable.

When times are tough, our school meal programmes become even more crucial. We just launched a brand new online platform with a single mission – uniting people like you to help millions of hungry schoolchildren. Take a minute right now to visit WeFeedback!

Announcing WeFeedback!

We want to end child hunger. But to succeed, we need you, your sister, your boss, your landlady, your dry cleaner… you get the idea!

So we built where you can join a global movement while personalizing your fight against hunger. You start with the Feedback Calculator which transforms your favorite food into hope for hungry children. Let’s say you enter “pepperoni pizza,” estimate its cost at $5, increase your serving size to 3, and voila – the calculator tells you that the cost of your pizza will provide meals to 60 hungry children.

Try it out. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? See how many lives it can change!

The Good News on Malnutrition

There’s plenty of bad news about malnutrition, starting with the fact that one in three children in the developing world faces stunted growth because of it. But there’s good news too.

Here are five reasons to be optimistic about our chances of winning the battle against child malnutrition.

The Rice Bowl Results Are In

Super Bowl 2010’s MVP Drew Brees and Freerice teamed up this year for a very different kind of bowl game. The 2011 Rice Bowl challenged students and sports fans of all ages to see how much rice they could raise in a single week.

The challenge came down to the wire. Drew’s team earned more than 4.5 million grains of rice, but the Students prevailed with an incredible 5,039,070 grains donated. Congratulations to all who participated!.

Sri Lanka: Forced to Flee

Monsoon rains have battered Sri Lanka for the second time in a month, forcing thousands of families to flee their homes. The floods have severely damaged the upcoming rice harvest – a food lifeline for people across the country.

In response, WFP is on the ground delivering food to 500,000 people.

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